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Travel Insurance

Atlas Travel provides coverage for unforeseen medical expenses, as well as emergency travel benefits and multilingual travel assistance services.

Why have travel insurance?

Our policy offers the highest degree of coverage for any eventuality that may arise during a trip, such as medical, transportation, lodging, food, assistance, loss of property, damages to third parties, among others, thanks to a budget that can cover everything, including annuities if the eventuality suffered during the trip so warrants.

Total support


WorldTrips, headquartered in Carmel, Indiana, in the United States, is a full-service international health insurance provider designed to meet the needs of consumers around the world.

Personal Liability

Atlas Travel provides up to $25,000 (or up to $100,000 if additional coverage is elected) to offset the following types of permitted court judgments or approved settlements generated by the member:

Natural Disasters

Should a natural disaster occur during your trip that displaces you from where you planned to stay and that you have already paid for, Atlas Travel will assist you with a maximum of $250 per day for 5 days to help cover the cost of alternative accommodations.


We have it all covered, with our policies you will travel completely safe.

Medical assistance

International coverage, as well as important benefits such as emergency medical evacuation, hospital room and board, and overseas kidnap and ransom crisis response.

Protected luggage

Tracking service to help you find your luggage or other items

Personal accident support

Consultations with the intervening medical professionals during hospitalization and the creation of a single point of contact for family members to receive constant updates on their health status.

Trip cancellation support

Assistance in obtaining duplicate passports, birth certificates, visas, airline tickets and other documents associated with a trip.