How can i protect my most valuable asset, my income ?

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What is an income protection plan?

If you are unable to work because of a covered illness or injury, an income protection plan provides money to help with the loss of income. provides money to help with the loss of income. The money is paid directly to you to you and you can choose how to spend it. You can use it to pay

Insures disability payments with an accident and sickness insurance policy

Every income earner needs occupational disability insurance that can help pay the bills by replacing a portion of lost income. It can help maintain a lifestyle, protect the insured and his or her family from having to liquidate hard-earned assets or fall into serious debt.

A very complete insurance

You may need it

Statistics show that a 35 year old has a 50% chance of experiencing a disability lasting 90 days or more.
So there is actually a high probability that you will need income protection insurance at some point in time.

Debt free disability

With our disability plans, employees can rest assured that if the unexpected occurs, GBG’s coverage will protect them from unpaid bills and obligations.

Protect your family

Disability insurance could guarantee quality education for your children and food for your family, continuing to live the way you have become accustomed to, comfortably in the face of temporary or permanent disability.


If a person becomes sick or injured and can’t work, will that person be able to pay bills and maintain the same or similar standard of living?

Serious diseases

Accidents and illnesses happen unexpectedly and are made even scarier when they happen in a foreign country. GBG’s cost-effective disability insurance plans have benefits that allow for a maximum of 70% of an international employee’s salary to be paid to that employee when they’re on disability.


A lump sum payment will be paid if the insured person is permanently totally disabled.
This benefit is often thought of as the career ending benefit to recoup the loss of future earnings.



An illness or injury does not result in total disability, but it may limit your ability to work, which may result in a decrease in your income. The optional residual clause
will pay you a monthly benefit if your income is reduced by at least 15% due to an accident or illness. If income is reduced by at least 80%, the full monthly benefit will be paid.

The best percentage of income

Individual disability insurance pays the insured benefits if they cannot work due to an
injury or illness. Some policies pay partial benefits if they are only able to work parttime.
Disability insurance generally provides replacement of 65% to 75% of income
depending on the taxability of the benefits.