How can i apply for a health insurance policy?

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Health insurance: protection and wellbeing at your fingertips

With Health Insurance you have peace of mind because you know you are protected at all times. Trust IBIG to take care of you and your family.

Why take out health insurance?

With Health Insurance you have peace of mind because you know that you have unlimited access to services that not only complement your Compulsory Plan, but also allow you to enjoy exclusive services such as direct consultation with a specialist or imaging or radiology exams, without having to wait for authorization from the general practitioner.

And how does this benefit you? It is simple: you have high quality coverage for laboratory, imaging or radiology diagnostic aids, prostheses and transplants, as well as outpatient treatment in case you require dialysis or are diagnosed with high-cost diseases.

With your ibig health insurance you will be able to

Choose the professional of your choice

A good medical policy allows you to be attended by the best medical professionals and specialists.

Choosing the institution where you want to be cared for

Our policies offer you the possibility to choose among the best clinics and hospitals.

Schedule medical appointments through the internet

Accessing medical and specialist appointments is much easier when you are insured with IBIG.


Learn about the benefits of obtaining a Health Insurance and ask for the plan that fits your needs.

Single room

Recovering from an accident or illness with all the comforts are just some of the advantages of a good medical policy.


Events such as a transplant require a long recovery and permanent care that, thanks to the support of a good health insurance policy, can be carried out without financial problems.

Physical therapies

An insurance policy backs you up so you can invest time in proper recovery.

Accident emergencies

In the event of a medical emergency or an unexpected health problem, having the support of one of our policies can save your life.