Retirement Plan is more than a quality guarantee for the moment you stop working. You will be able to enjoy your money doing what you like most, with guaranteed income, health and well-being.

At IBIG we are aware that protecting your future is the most important thing; that is why we offer policies only with the best insurance companies in the world, the most reliable and the ones that offer the most benefits to our clients, as well as the most accessible costs and versatility in the plans.

With retirement insurance you will enjoy a peaceful, dignified and comfortable old age, in addition to guaranteeing the well-being of your family.

Luisa galofre – Founder

Our retirement insurance policies are quite flexible to your expectations and budgets, so you will be able to improve them according to your income expectations and saving capacity, in order to obtain greater benefits when the policy is effective.

we have designed a complete plan of accompaniment and advice to help you design the best retirement plan for your life, that allows you to share and enjoy with your loved ones, travel and live new experiences without worrying about your income and can continue to enjoy all the privileges of a person who thought about the future.

This will be a really easy decision to make if you think about your and your family’s future, well-being, health and peace of mind in the years to come. So we invite you to learn more about our retirement policy options and how to start building your future now. Ask for the advice of an advisor, at IBIG we are sure you will do the right thing.